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The Datsolalee Basket Collection

A Rare Opportunity to Own a Historic Datsolalee Basket
Over 50 Extraordinary baskets from the Emporium Company, 1900-1921
For Sale - individually or in groups.
Amy Cohn's outstanding personal collection
by Louisa Keyser (Datsolalee).

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This rare collection has changed ownership only twice since Amy and Abe Cohn started collecting the baskets over 100 years ago. With an estimated 300 baskets produced by Datsolalee (Louisa Keyser 1835-1925) in her lifetime, these 58 extaordinary baskets are the largest single collection remaining together - until now.

For the first time, Datsolalee baskets from Amy Cohn’s personal collection can be purchased individually or in groups. You too can own a rare Datsolalee basket.

Gene Quintana is only the third “keeper” of this impressive Datsolalee Basket Collection. He has shared it with several museums; co-authored the story and documentation of this unique collection with a California historian, and has been actively involved in maintaining the collection as a legacy of one of the most famous Washoe weavers of the 20th Century.

The collection is the largest assemblage of intricately woven miniature baskets by the extraordinarily skilled and renowned, Datsolalee. These masterpieces include the weaver’s only known fish trap, a beaded basket, and cup-shaped basket so tiny that it requires a powerful magnifying glass to examine.

After 30 years of stewardship by the Quintana family, the baskets from this collection are offered for sale individually or in groups. You too can own a basket woven by the most famous weaver of all time, Datsolalee

The collection is cataloged in the accompanying published book "The Datsolalee Miniatures" documenting the history of these exquisite baskets. Books are available.

See the Datsolalee collection - CLICK HERE

Datsolalee Miniatures Collection

The collection was recently on loan for display
at the Nevada State History Museum in Carson City, Nevada

Datsolalee masterpieces were sought by early 20th century wealthy and cultured Americans. Even during her lifetime, Datsolalee's baskets sold for thousands of dollars, a large sum for the early 1900’s. Today, Datsolalee baskets are found in private collections, museums, and academic and cultural institutions throughout the country, including the Smithsonian.

See the Datsolalee collection - CLICK HERE

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Datsolalee photo courtesy Nevada State Museum, Carson City. c.1917