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The Makah Tribe lives near Cape Flattery at the Northwestern tip of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. With no tradition of ceramic crafts, they used basketry for needs such as cooking, gathering and holding water.

The Makah often used bear grass twined over cedar bark warp using a kind of rare wrapped twining method. However as materials became more available, they began to replace bear grass with raffia.

A pictorial Makah basket
Item#: 6073
A pictorial Makah basket
decorated with a native nature scene of over thirty figures including eagles, lizards, whales, various birds, and a canoe with native people.
Circa:1915 D:6in H:6in
Price on Request
A Makah gift basket with a lid
Item#: 6071
A Makah gift basket with a lid
wrap-twined with natural and dyed beargrass on cedar bark warps, with a plaited cedar-bark start. The decoration is of deer and hunters with bows.
Diameter: 8 1/2in Height: 7in
Circa: 1910 (Neah Bay, Washington)
Price on Request
A Makah basketry covered bottle
Item#: 1580
A Makah basketry covered bottle
Circa: 1910
Height: 10in
Price on Request
A large Makah basket
Item#: 35179
A large Makah basket
Illustrated with eagles, whales, butterflies, boats and birds.
Circa: 1925
Length: 12in
Width: 8in
Height: 8in
Price on Request

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