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The Chumash Indians occupied the area between Malibu Canyon and San Luis Obispo, which is now South west of Bakersfield, California. The range stretched inward up to the western edge of the San Joaquin valley.

The Chumash used methods known as twining and coiling in their basketry. The baskets were traditionally in red and black with white sumac or tan to golden juncus backgrounds. It was very common for the designs to have a band about its own width from the top, (usually 1 inch).
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A Chumash arrow straightener
Item#: FL-37
Heated in a fire and used to harden and straighten the arrow shafts. Length: 4 1/2in Width: 2 3/4in
Category: Indian Baskets - Chumash
A Chumash tray
Item#: 9461
Circa: 1840 Ref: Native American Indian Basketry of Southern California, page 35 Diameter: 11 1/4in Height: 2 1/4in
Category: Indian Baskets - Chumash
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