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"Those that play with fish..."
The Chemehuevi were a nomadic tribe and resided in the mountains and canyons of the Mojave Desert and along the Colorado River shoreline; currently they live in the Chemehuevi Valley.

The Chemehuevi were skilled basket makers and occasionally made pottery, often making twined and coiled baskets. Their coiled baskets were very distinctive because they were produced almost exclusively with split, peeled willow and black devil's claw on a two or three willow rod foundation that coils clockwise. The designs were occasionally painted on instead of weaving them into the baskets.

A large Chemehuevi polychrome olla.
Item#: 9469
A large Chemehuevi polychrome olla.
The large size distinguishes it from most other Chemehuevi ollas. An important and monumental basket documented to an early collection. Provenance: Dr. Francis Xavier Ammann Collection
Circa: 1910
Diameter: 16 1/2in
Height: 10in
A very large Chemehuevi tray
Item#: 5015-77
A very large Chemehuevi tray
Circa: 1920
Diameter: 21in
Height: 4in
A Chemehuevi  olla
Item#: 4-40
A Chemehuevi olla
Circa: 1910
Diameter: 9in
Height: 7in
Chemehuevi olla with six birds
Item#: 8215
Chemehuevi olla with six birds
Circa: 1925
Diameter: 6in
Height: 5 1/2in
A Chemehuevi olla
A Chemehuevi olla
Circa: 1920
Diameter: 9 1/2in
Height: 8 1/2in

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