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A Rare Opportunity to Own a Historic Datsolalee Basket

Over 50 Extraordinary baskets from the Emporium Company, 1900-1921. For Sale - individually or in groups. Amy Cohn's outstanding personal collection by Louisa Keyser (Datsolalee).

Datsolalee masterpieces were sought by early 20th century wealthy and cultured Americans. Even during her lifetime, Datsolalee's baskets sold for thousands of dollars, a large sum for the early 1900's. Today, Datsolalee baskets are found in private collections, museums, academic and cultural institutions throughout the country, including the Smithsonian.

These extaordinary baskets are the largest single collection remaining together. Now, for the first time, Datsolalee baskets from Amy Cohn's personal collection can be purchased individually or in groups.

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Vile of basket materials and micro-miniature basket
Item#: LK-viles
Vile (Left) Vile of split willow shoots and bracken fern root. Micro Basket (Center) Height: 0.2cm Diameter: 0.3cm Micro Basket (right) Height: 0.1cm Diameter: 0.15cm
Category: Indian Baskets - Datsolalee
Grass Game Bones
Item#: LK-bones
typically used in gambling games. Believed to be Louisa Keyser's personal gambling bones. Lengths: 3 1/2in, 3 5/8in, 3 3/4in, 4 1/4in
Category: Indian Baskets - Datsolalee
Meal Brush
Item#: LK30-1
Completed: 1902 Length: 5 1/2in
Category: Indian Baskets - Datsolalee
Bow and Arrows (5) made by Charley Keyser
Item#: CK-bow- SOLD
Bow Length: 23 3/4in Arrows Lengths: 14 5/8in, 14 5/8in, 18 3/4in, 18 3/4in, 19 1/4in
Category: Indian Baskets - Datsolalee
Crossbow by Charley Keyser
Item#: CK-crossbow- SOLD
Length: 14in Width: 14in
Category: Indian Baskets - Datsolalee
Cooking or Stirring sticks by Charley Keyser
Item#: CK-stir-sticks- SOLD
Lengths: 12in, 13in
Category: Indian Baskets - Datsolalee
Showing 49 to 54 of 54 Items