Native Northern California necklaces. Various materials and lengths.

1607 - A Hupa dentilium and brown seed necklace.  Length: 74in

1608 - A Hupa abalone shell necklace.  Length: 39in

1609 - A Hupa Necklace with brown seeds, white beads, and dentilium. Length: 78in

1610 - A Hupa white beaded necklace with some red beads and ten beads with tattoo marks.

1611 - A Hupa necklace with brown seeds and dentilium. Length: 44in

1612 - A Hupa necklace with brown seed and blue beads. Length: 100in

1613 - A Hupa brown seed necklace. Length: 72in

1614 - Necklace with Dutch trade beads. Length: 36in

1615 - Red and white beaded necklace. Length: 64in

1616 - A beaded necklace with copper tubes and rawhide. Length: 20in

1617 - A Hupa snail necklace. Length: 100in

1618 - A Hupa Snail necklace with sixteen strands. Length: 280in